Favorite Songs With Coffee

Coffee seems to be present in so many songs, that the only object that can challenge its popularity is probably whiskey. One of my favorite songs of all time is One Cup of Coffee by Bob Marley. What a gem… I challenge you to sit still through the whole thing… This charming song has the early ska beat as it was one of the first 4 recorded in 1962, the other 3 being: Judge Not, Do You Still Love Me and Terror;  all absolutely brilliant, as everything this man touched, and all give us the glimpse into what was to come later.

I have always found the juxtaposition of the ska or reggae beat, the happy go lucky feeling of it, with the dramatic lyrics fascinating “…One cup of coffee, then I’ll go… though I just dropped by to let you know… that I am leaving you tomorrow, I’ll cause you no more sorrow… one cup of coffee then I’ll go…”.

“It’s early in the morning, about a quarter till three, I am sittin’ here talkin’  with my baby over cigarettes and coffee,…now And to tell you, that Darling, I have been so satisfied Honey, since I met you…” listen to the mellifluous, velvet voice of Otis Redding, taking his sweet time to make slow love to Cigarettes and Coffee

And then there is Sarah Vaughn… with Black Coffee, recorded in 1949The ultimate, ULTIMATE coffee-blues song… ” I am feeling mighty lonely… I haven’t slept a week…I walk the floor and watch the door and in between I drink…black coffeeeeee…”





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